What is the ideal approach to deal with plagiarized content after I check may academic paper?

There are basically two approaches to cope with plagiarism; either properly cites or quotes plagiarized phrases, or removes them completely from your academic paper.

You could also make use of our free online plagiarism checker tool which will assist you to remove any plagiarized stuff in your research.

Nowadays, plagiarism has turn out to be a progressively serious problem. It is intensified by the simple access to and the affluence of pasting/cutting from a massive range of stuffs accessible on the internet. Our best free plagiarism checker is considered as a serious offence in the academic era. It forms academic theft; the offender has taken the work of others and presented the pilfered work as if it were his/her own. It goes to the honesty and integrity of an individual. It stifles originality and creativity, and defeats the perseverance of education.

Copying does not mean copying word for word. Closely rephrasing or considerable copying with little modifications is still copying for this reason. It is not much the form of copying that is significant, but the material of what is copied. It does not matter what the nature of the source is. It may be an article, a book, a Government report, a dissertation, a memorandum, a table from internet, or merely an assignment of another educator or even teaching stuff spread to you. The source may also be computer programs, photographs, graphics, audio and video recordings or other non-textual stuff. It does not matter whether the particular source has been publicized or not.

The common form of plagiarism is copying from publicized works of students or the articles of other writers without any acknowledgement. The source might be publicized in customary text or over the internet. Plagiarism does not indicate that you cannot quote others work. In spite of everything, research work has to be built on already existing knowledge. You are allowed to quote work of others to fortify your arguments provided that the quote is appropriately recognized and the source is properly acknowledged. That is all possible with the support of our plagiarism software that is 100% free to use.