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How much do you really know about plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of taking intellectual property belonging to another individual or company, and using it as your own. Even minor instances of this are considered plagiarism, regardless of the size of the text copied.

Failure to use references and correctly attribute information to its original authors is also considered plagiarism.

A scary fact is that you may plagiarize without even knowing it – sometimes being completely unaware of the existence of the other person’s work. Coincidental matching phrasing of words or sentences can happen, especially if a subject is particularly narrow and has limited information. In this case, there are only a limited number of ways that something can be said, and accidental plagiarism may occur.

Plagiarism has steep consequences which are equally severe for students and for working professionals. Whatever the reason for doing it, it is not worth losing your career over, and should be avoided at all costs.

What is is a free online plagiarism detector. It is available to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time.

The plagiarism software scans the text for any instances of duplicate content, and flags them accordingly. Every sentence is checked for plagiarism individually, which allows for the highest possible level of accuracy.

Your text is checked against every single web page that is available on the internet – nothing slips through the cracks unnoticed!

Once the scan is complete, you are given a result in the form of a plagiarism check percentage. This figure illustrates how much of your content is original (unique), and how much has matches from elsewhere on the internet.

Each result is accompanied by the URL of the match. This allows you to take a look at the website in question and determine the cause of the duplicate phrasing.

What should I do if my text comes back plagiarized?

If you have done a plagiarism check through our free plagiarism tool and you received a high plagiarism result, you need to revise your text.

The most important thing to consider is the phrasing of your words. If you have included quotes or several word for word texts, a good idea is to rephrase them. This can be done by changing direct speech to indirect speech. For example, if the sentence is as follows:

The man said, “I don’t like running at midday. I prefer running in the early morning when it is cooler.”Change it to:

The man said that he didn’t like running during the middle of the day. He preferred to run when it was cooler, in the early morning.

In this way, you have changed the text so that it conveys the same message, yet has been phrased in an original way. This is a good method for correcting instances of plagiarism in direct speech, where you may previously have thought that there wasn’t any way to get around it.

Once you have corrected all marked instances of plagiarism on your text, run it through our online plagiarism scanner again to check the results. The plagiarism percentage should be significantly less, or reduced entirely. If not, check your text for plagiarism again and repeat the steps until it is plagiarism-free.

Can I use if I am a student?

Yes, you can! is quite commonly used as a free online plagiarism checker for students. In the event where you need to check your paper for plagiarism before you submit it, this plagiarism test comes highly recommended.

It is hassle free and easy to use – exactly what you want when you have just completed an essay and want a quick plagiarism checker that is fast and accurate.

Many students use it as an essay plagiarism checker, although it can be used for any type of text – personal or academic. Our results are trusted by students worldwide, and it has saved many students from potential trouble due to plagiarism.

Go ahead and check out for yourself!

Can I use if I am a teacher?

Absolutely! is a free plagiarism checker for teachers as well as other working professionals. Help your students to submit original work by ensuring that there are no plagiarized texts in their assignments.

Commonly called the best free plagiarism checker, our online plagiarism detector is perfect for any academic plagiarism needs.

Since each sentence is checked individually for duplicate content all over the web, nothing less than the highest level of accuracy is produced.

Help! I don’t know how to check plagiarism.

Never fear, for we are here to assist is incredibly easy to use. Once you’ve used it once, you will be able to use it a million times without encountering any difficulty.

If this is the first time that you want to check plagiarism for free online, don’t worry – we will take you through the process.

  1. Start by copying and pasting your text into the search box at the top of this page. If is suits you better, you will notice that there is also the option to upload your document directly to be scanned for plagiarism.
  2. Click “Check Plagiarism.” You will notice that as the check progresses, a percentage of plagiarism will appear. If there is no plagiarism, give yourself a pat on the back! You can be sure that your content has been thoroughly checked and is 100% unique.
  3. If the results are not to your satisfaction, edit your text and scan it again. You will notice marked results after you change the wording of your sentences. Hopefully, you will see that it is easy to avoid plagiarism if you know how!

That’s it! Three easy steps and you’re done with your plagiarism test. If you experience any difficulty, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and a member of our team will respond at the earliest possibility.

Are you looking for the best free plagiarism checker? Why are you still reading this – you have already found it! Scroll to the top of the page and give a test run for yourself. You will never be more satisfied with any other free online plagiarism test!s